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It Is Eight Years After The Tours From Offworld Have Stopped High Chancellor Querida Has Retired, Leaving Wizard Corkoran In Charge Of The Wizards University Although Wizard Corkoran S Obsession Is To Be The First Man On The Moon, And Most Of His Time Is Devoted To This Project, He Decides He Will Teach The New First Years Himself In Hopes Of Currying The Favor Of The New Students Families For Surely They Must All Come From Wealth, Important Families And Obtaining Money For The University Which It So Desperately Needs But Wizard Corkoran Is Dismayed To Discover That One Of Those Students Indeed, One He Had Such High Hopes For, Wizard Derk S Own Daughter Elda Is A Huge Golden Griffin, And That None Of The Others Has Any Money At AllWizard Corkoran S Money Making Scheme Backfires, And When Elda And Her New Friends Start Working Magic On Their Own, The Schemes Go Wronger Still And When, At Length, Elda Ropes In Her Brothers Kit And Blade To Send Corkoran To The Moon Well Life At The Wizards University Spins Magically And Magnificently Out Of ControlThis Breathtakingly Brilliant Sequel To Dark Lord Of Derkholm Is All One Would Expect From This Master Of Genre

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    Every now and then I have the urge for a comforting re read, a diverting read that will be unlike real life enough to hold back the flood for a couple of hours Year of the Griffin is one of those books for me, a lovely, reliable read about a group of young adults both human and otherwise at a school for wizards Predating Harry Potter by three years, Diana Wynne Jones made her own foray into the traditional field of English magical schools and succeeds in marvelous, whimsical fashion.Elda, the youngest griffin daughter of the famous wizard Derk, has enrolled at the nearly broke Wizards University without her father s knowledge It isn t long before she meets a like minded and curious group of friends Ruskin, a revolutionary dwarf Olga, a mysteriously wealthy and beautiful woman Claudia, the outcast half Marshwoman sister of the Emperor of the South Lukin, the heir of the Kingdom of Luteria, and Felim, incognito from the country of the Emir to prevent assassins from learning his location During introductions on the first day, Wizard Corkoran realizes his plan to solicit their families for money won t work since the students are either poor or in hiding Unfortunately, he s rapidly distracted by his project to be the first man to land on the moon and forgets to pass the word on to the administrative team, thus setting a wild chain of events in motion Subsequent events include a flying horse, a bushel of oranges, a trip to the library, assassins, pirates, griffins, a statue, twue love and cats.Characterization is fun all are reasonably developed and their bonding over shared academic and family frustrations seem entirely natural In the long tradition of magical schools, it is refreshing to have a griffin and dwarf be part of the student mix, along with a few other representatives of countries kingdoms in this world It creates an interesting sense of diversity within the group When their families come into play, each student gains a little focus and detail There is also an innocence and ingeniousness about the students that makes their efforts toward improvement quite sweet and not at all malicious Eventually, a few members of the group and incoming supporting cast end up pairing off, but any romance is gentle and exists mostly in the area of hand holding and shared company The setting feels like a typical medieval fantasy setting, with carts and horses, fires for warmth and the like It isn t too fleshed out, but allows Jones to concentrate on characterization and action.Plotting is fun Driven initially by the disclosure that the six are currently students at the university, the converging families and chaos propel the action forward When the six students realize trouble is headed their way, they band together The spell traps they create to protect one of their members are priceless fun Corkoran s focus on the moon shoot is especially entertaining from a real world point of view.I actually read this long before Dark Lord of Derkholm, so although it says sequel, don t be put off Most of the main characters from Dark Lord are only peripheral, and the preceding events are only responsible for the ruins of the college, not really what is happening to it now The prior parallel worlds do help explain away some of the similarities and the stereotypes, quite clever on the part of Jones However, the tone and conflicts of the two books are different enough that I wouldn t call them a duology at all Consider the second an insightful whatever happened to installment.Though the characters are young adult and the resolutions of issues neat, it is not a simple book by any means in concepts or language Overall, it is very light in tone, the perfect kind of read when one needs a happy ending.Highly recommended.Re read and updated 8 14

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    A perfect book.

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    I really love this book It s funny, sweet, and really ties up the story well Maybe Jones did a little bit too much pairing off, but it s so cute that I don t mind I also love the moon shot than I can say, as well as the anti assassin spells, food spells, and pretty much every other episode in the story.

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    Oh she is so funny Why did it take me ages to try her books So far they have all been great fun.This one takes on the whole wizard boarding school trope and it is hilarious The University is run down and out of money After Chesney they have barely any wizards who know real magic Instead they teach basics that give you nothing.To this glorious institution comes Elda, Derk s griffin daughter yes you should read book 1 before, and no you do not have to read it before cos this stands well on its own, but you should still read it She quickly becomes friends with a Dwarf revolutionary, a jinxed princess, a mysterious rich young woman, a crown prince with the worst talent and a man hiding from assassins Let the good time begin They are all hiding from something, and all those things will show up and wreak havoc There is a professor who knows nothing, another one that is trying to build a ship to get to the moon There is never a dull moment at school from now on.We meet old favorites from book 1, and it makes me wish there were books in this serious But then again, maybe I should just read Wynne Jones books instead and hope they are fun too.Fun Humour Crazy hi jinks.NarratorOh she was perfect and I really felt I was in this world She had a great range and I was swept in by her.

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    Funny I really loved this one A griffin named Elda is starting her first year at the struggling Wizard s University She makes friends with an assortment of misfits who, for various reasons, want to keep their presence at the University secret Unfortunately for them, the University sends out letters to all their families in a fund raising attempt that blows their cover This results in ninja attacks, armed forces arriving at the gates to demand the return of certain students, angry royal parents, and other mayhem The misfits band together to deal with the various attacks with magic and creativity Griffin is the sequel to Dark Lord of Derkholm but can stand on its own Another winner by Jones.

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    Year of the Griffin not The Year of the Griffin, by the way is set in the same universe as The Dark Lord of Derkholm and their common source The Tough Guide to Fantasyland, but, bar a few cross references, works equally well as a standalone Set eight years after Dark Lord, the story is centred on the young griffin Elda who is in her first year of University Yes, a student griffin At a university for wizards You just know that things aren t going to be straightforward And so it proves one cohort of student freshers find that their expectations of university are disappointed, their families or communities back home are, to say the least, unsupportive and yet, despite all the obstacles and challenges and there are many they Felim, Ruskin, Claudia, Olga, and Lukin, as well as Elda start to grow and develop both as magic users and as individuals There are lots of images of circularity and sphericity here, compounded by the fact that none of the images are perfect Take the Year of the title we never actually witness the end of the year as most of the action is set in the autumn term There are lots of references to oranges, but mostly always to mention the fact that they come apart in segments One of the students frequently becomes protected by an accidental spell taking the form of a barrel made up of books, appropriately enough for a learning institution, which only evaporates when the danger has passed A group of students, along with Professor Corkoran the name no doubt inspired by the unfortunate captain of HMS Pinafore , heads off in a spherical space vehicle for the moon though they inexplicably find themselves on Mars sadly, they haven t thought things through and the lunar module, designed to be life sustaining, threatens to end their existence The circular theme is reinforced by David Wyatt s splendid but initially enigmatic cover illustration for the original Gollancz paperback it shows a golden griffin through a round window one of her feathers is in the foreground , which we eventually realise is part of a barrel viewed from above or below, it s ambiguous, despite the darts sticking in its side there s also a visual example of a wizard s attempt to enclose oranges in a metal shell don t ask why that effectively renders them cannonballs, unfit for their original purpose Why the recurrent fallible examples Maybe because nothing ever turns out perfect in this story Except the ending, perhaps Then there is the young griffin, Elda, who contrary to the sound of her name is the youngest in a family of humans and test tube beings Part lion, part eagle, part human, Elda pitches in with a bunch of other misfit students who are all also escaping from the expectations of their families or communities In fact, Year of the Griffin is, underneath the joyous storytelling, inventive fantasy and punning witticisms, a critique of a number of social institutions in this, our own world Foremost of the critiques is that reserved for the corrosive effects of conformity, whether imposed by traditions, laws or sheer ignorance Typical is the attitude of academia at the university, which suppresses creative thinking and practical magic in favour of dry rote learning and limited outcomes A graduate of Oxford University, with a partner who is Emeritus Professor of English at Bristol University, Jones will have been well aware of the politicking that goes on in academia the world over, the inevitable conflicts between research and teaching needs, the financial considerations that underpin every decision and policy, and the human weaknesses to which all scholarship is prey No surprise then that the Wizard University is riddled with accidents waiting to happen And that they do.Bar a couple of excursions, pretty much all the action takes place within the confines of the campus At times this can be claustrophobic, but the students are often able to escape to the world of books or seek companionship amongst like minded magic users In fact, Year of the Griffin is an almost Shakespearean comedy comedy in all senses of the word which, barring the calls of Morpheus, I could hardly put down over the period of just a few days Why Shakespearean Well, typically for Shakespeare, young male and female protagonists frequently get hitched by the end of the action as in Midsummer Night s Dream , Much Ado and so on , frequently with multiple pairings on the cards Secondly, things don t start to go right till at the end, when often a ruler steps in to call a halt to the mayhem and gives a judgement Wizard Policant, aided by Chancellor Querida, fulfills this role And thirdly, magic, or the pagan past, often is a crucial part of the story to emphasise that this is hyper reality.No apologies are needed, I believe, for such an extended if obviously incomplete commentary on what some might argue is just a children s fantasy novel But Diana Wynne Jones hardly ever wrote a straightforward story in her preferred genre her young adult fantasies nearly always work on several levels rather than just as a superficial narrative As the mythical griffin was regarded as the guardian of gold, so Year of the Griffin conceals real treasures between its covers.

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    This spoof of fantasy tropes defies every genre convention and turns the familiar story of a magic school Harry Potter, anyone upside down Laughter is a gift of this tale, where every dangerous situation has its farcical silver lining.The action takes place in a magic university, where six first year students study magic and have adventures and help each other deal with their deadly families Most of them are deadly anyhow.There are assassins shrunk to the size of rats, pirates turned into mice, a walking cloakrack and a trip to Mars by accident There are incompetent teachers and inedible food in the cafeteria There are spells for every occasion, and of course, there are griffins a magical mix between a lion, an eagle, a human and a cat Charming I won t talk about the plot of this novel, except that it s so full of buffoonery you have to read it for yourself Humor sparkles now and again, as the author follows her chosen group of students through their college escapades, all of them ridiculous but exciting The protagonists are a diverse bunch one dwarf, one griffin, one green girl from the marches, and three humans Their friendship blooms despite their diversity, as all of them are united in one fact they are all at the university in secret, studying magic against the express wishes of their families or their masters Except the griffin Elda, of course Her family is the best, with lots of love for all its human and griffin members Whenever the others families manifest as an invasion of senators or an influx of assassins or a pirate raid, Elda s numerous relatives are there to assist The characters are all cartoonish, suitable to an anime caper or a comic video game than a dramatic feature They are sympathetic but not alive, avatars than living souls The fact doesn t diminish their attraction to the reader, which was a surprise for me Unlike a serious fantasy story, where my emotional core is usually involved, this book captivated my brain with its wit and engaged my laughing buds with its absurdities The only irritating detail was the author s head hopping There are too many points of view in this novel, but I enjoyed reading it all the same.Recommended to anyone who loves fantasy.Footnote Some time ago, I tried to read the first book of this series The Dark Lord of Derkholm but I couldn t finish it This one I loved Perhaps I should try to read the first one again, to get the background for this one.

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    Awww this follow up some eight years later to The Dark Lord of Derkholm is a wonderful fantasy novel Elda, Derk s griffin daughter, attends the University, and becomes mixed up in assasination plots, and a trip to the moon Elda is a terribly sweet character, and all the friends she makes at University with their variety of dark pasts they re hiding from are wonderful as well This is typical Diana Wynne Jones funny and very, very engaging.

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    A positively delightful sequel to Dark Lord of Derkholm, this time focused on a magical academy At times, it s a rather pointed look at academia, but that never gets in the way of telling interesting stories about a beautifully developed group of friends There s a touch of romance, but it s only a touch, and it s rather light.

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    The sequel to Dark Lord of Derkholm Elda the Griffin goes to magic school In that way it s every so slightly like Harry Potter meets Diana Wynne Jones, but it s much DWJ y, with a whole lot of really diverse characters all maneuvering toward one big climax Also very romance focused for a DWJ book there s pairing off than in most of her other books put together.Honestly, I m still a little weirded out by the part animals and humans being genetically related The griffins are children of a wizard and his wife, and have human siblings And there s a lot of stuff about the mating rituals of griffins especially how the female ones react that further complicates the way she writes women But it s still awesomely imaginative like all her books.